Monday, February 26, 2007

Printable Cold Sores

Nowhere in advertising is the gap between natural beauty and manufactured perfection more apparent than on subway posters. As we wait for transportation, we are unwillingly assaulted by larger-than-life representations of supposedly beautiful salespeople. The large scale of these ads and their extremely close proximity to the viewer offer up more than perceived intimacy, however... they give us the chance to see the mechanical flaws designed to correct their physical flaws.

Why don't we just see them for what they are? They are regular people just like us, they just have a team of retouchers waiting at the ready.

Printable cold sores allow us to take action! Bring these people back down to our level, and tell advertisers that you don't agree with their message. How can you help? It's easy...

1. Download the printable cold sore sheet. This is optimized for use with 1" x 2 5/8" Avery Easy Peel Clear Mailing Labels, #18660.

2. Print it out on a transparency sticker sheet.

3. Tag an subway poster that seems appropriate.

4. Document and submit to
5. Repeat.

*NOTE: Tagging subway ads is illegal! You can make your point simply by documenting your work, removing your stickers, and submitting an image. I am in no way responsible for your actions, I am merely presenting a theoretical solution to a real-world problem.


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Danny Eagle said...

You're a motherlovin' genius, God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed!! You are a mother fucking genius. Goddess bless you! I think I'm gonna cry.....sniffff!!!


Mr. Staples said...

About three years ago. Still, a great idea to be brought back!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff...

Anonymous said...

wexmap said...

I don't know, its weird to use people with herpes as an antidote to manufactured image....

the stickers DO take people out of their usual realm of experience, but there has to be a better way

KeenEye said...

FANTASTIC! Now I need some stickers of hairy moles and pimples.

idle. said...

Wow, that is really quite a great idea. Inspiring, to say the least. Thanks.


Ben said...

i look like that, why cant people in subway ads?

Mikaela said...

Flippin' brilliant...!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing an article on the way street art is branching out, is there an email address where I could contact you about this to ask some more questions?
E. Mortenson

Geek Graffiti said...

for submissions and/or questions:


Wormbrain said...

This is magical!

cheekie1969 said...

can you make a cellulite one???
i love this so much...i salute you

Punk Sergeant said...

Great website! I can't wait to see some pictures

Genre Comedy said...

Can these be used as chancres if there is a nice low cut jean shot? I'm not sure the difference.

jbontrager said...

omg! yes!

Anonymous said...

how about pimples and SNOT
I'm in tokyo, will email pics stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

you should cut out the middleman and just become a photo retoucher yourself... then plot for years to take down the whole system when they least expect it... what ever happened to a good old fashioned sharpie marker mustache??? gotta love std's...

Anonymous said...

wow, your parents must be proud of what you have done with your life. lets print up some "your a fag" stickers and put them on your forhead to protest god for creating you. moron

Anonymous said...

A. I assume you mean "You're a fag."
B. If I were wearing that sticker, it wouldn't really be an insult to me now would it? (Because I would be wearing it, and you would be reading it... get it?)
C. My parents are dead.
D. It is OK to be a fag.

Nuno Coelho said...

lol AWSOOME i want soooooome!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys...culture jamming is lame. Just...thought I should tell you.

Anonymous said...

Great copy of East Eric work.

graffiti said...

Ah ah ah What a nice idea !
Let's trys this in the Paris subway :)


EastEric said...

got damm sucker!!!!
i was making this in 2001 2002, check this :
the kit is at the museum of bellerive in lausanne ,and there s a book called"esthetik and violence" it s inside get a clue ...and die motherfocker !!!!

Anonymous said...

are we likely to see any photos of people taking up the challenge anytime soon?

Geek Graffiti said...

Props to East Eric for having a similar project in the past. When I researched this concept, I did not come across his work. You can view his work at:

It is quite good, and even though he called me a "motherfocker", requested that I "get a clue", and insinuated that I should "die", I still recommend that you check it out.

One major difference between the two projects, aside from the visual and aesthetic, is the intended audience, and the manner in which I am making my work available. I have made it easy for you (the veiwer) to download and participate yourself. The project isn't really about me taking credit for anything, because, after all, the statement is only effective if many people take part. I have chosen to release it open source, DIY, and anonymously for this reason.

8 billion people on the planet, some of them are going to have similar ideas, East Eric. I've got enough ideas floating around that I don't ever feel the need to steal yours, or anyone else's.

Anonymously yours,

Makkumba said...

Wow, thats great. But...
uhm, the download link is expired.
Could you please dupload it again.

(i know, i know iam a lazy bum)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the download is expired. Could you please repost.

You have brought me joy on a cold wintry day.

Geek Graffiti said...

The download link has been refreshed... sorry about that. Let's see some photos!!!!

mike rember said...

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the waving cat said...

hi geek graffity,

seems like the download link has expired again - reckon you could refresh it once more?


EclecticFloridian said...

May I suggest PhotoBucket? It's free and you won't have to keep re-activating the download.

Cool idea! I even love the way it irritates ... er ... certain people with no sense of humor (they seem to be ignorant, too).

Geek Graffiti said...

Download link has been refreshed!

Peter said...

Yay - Thanks a lot, g.g.!

Anonymous said...

Take a minute to think how this makes all of us that suffer from frequent cold sores feel. This is more like everyone pointing out our disguesting flaws than culture jamming.

Anonymous said...

small ugly and efficient - i like to use it - thanks for great stuff!

the link don´t works today...

Max said...


I suppose.

glibster said...

"Printable Cold Sores" would be a great name for a punk band.

kizarillo said...


ste faaan said...

this is great! :))

Anonymous said...

shit! download expired, I missed out. Can someone upload this file to a space that does NOT expire?! much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

yeah same here a new link to the downloadables would be great

Geek Graffiti said...

Download link should be permanent now. :)

Anonymous said...

link isn't working.......anyway we could get it going again.....Toronto's Subway ads need some herps

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest to change provider for the file download, it would always be expiring too fast since you've been telled as a home page story on one of the two most important italian general newspapers website: (



Inspiring blog. I liked it alot.
Kenny Rodgers

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Anonymous said...


if you get this message, i tried to download the file and it doesn't work...i love this idea and want to try it...could you e-mail the


stephane n said...

Hey, the files are indeed impossible to download ! Give it back ! we want to stick it !

Anonymous said...

Please please please sort the link out for these!!!! I MUST have them!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

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james said...

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james said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Cold Sore said...

This printable cold sores bring to my mind those popular sticky tatoos. Just wear it and throw it!

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I am Jamie Sue! said...

I don't know exactly where this printable would fit on my site (printable pranks, maybe?) but it is AWESOME. You should make other printables for defacing property! :) Then I could blog a whole entry on you! LOL. said...

lol crazy idea, I'm wondering why there is only one post?

legal action??

Jetson Koh said...

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shan said...

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Tom said...

Wicked idea, love it!
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Anonymous said...

link to printable stickers is dead!

off to plaster Milano, the city of fashion, with them! (with no link will try to make my own)

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